Pistol – Duty

Butler City Hunting & Fishing Club 200 Grant Ave, East Butler, PA, United States

If you are about to engage in a 150-round course of fire, the right training and ammunition will only get you so far. At Butler City Hunting & Fishing Club, your aim will sharpen from the best facilities in the County, and your shots will find their target.

Trap Shooting

Northside Sportsmen's Association 325 Mt. Pleasant Road, , PA, Warrendale, PA, United States

12 gauge shotgun only. 100 birds each individual event. Five person teams. Reloads will be permitted, but must conform to ATSA regulations. Doubles will be shot 25 pair per trap.


Clinton-Irwin Rod & Gun Club 333 Jones Road, Harrisville, PA, United States

A gunner’s most challenging shape might just be a semicircle. In skeet shooting, not only do you need to hit moving targets sprung from multiple angles within the semicircle, but you also have to rely on your hand-to-eye coordination, reflexes, and self-discipline in order to outperform your competition.

Sporting Clays

Castlewood Rod & Gun Club 2964 Shaffer Rd., Ellwood City, PA, United States

Classifications will be made on-site. Competitors without FITASC, CPSG or USSCA classification should enter "B" Division. Classification is by performance on the first 50 targets in the individual event. 12-gauge shotgun only/100 birds/individual event. Shot shell restricted to no heavier than 1 1/8 ounces. Shot size no larger than 7 1/2. Competitors in this event are responsible for supplying their own shotgun and all ammunition. Warm-up will be available at the 5 Stand Section of the Venue for $8.00 per 25 targets. Teams will consist of 5 persons.